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Maintenance On An Apple Computer

On a Windows computer there is always something to do especially if you are running Windows XP

  • Disc Cleanup
  • Checking Windows Update - don't forget the optional updates
  • Virus Scans
  • Defrag (if on Windows XP)
  • Stopping programs from loading - MSCONFIG - just Google it 

So what do you have to do on an Apple computer?

Updates to the operting system Lion , Mountain Lion etc available should be visible when they appear as per below.

Occasionally if you are having issues repair disc permissions through disc utility in the utilities menu.

Thats it.



Power FM Spot For 25th July

This Week In Technology 
in 1990 Microsoft reported profits of 1 billion dollars, this year they lost money for the first time
Talking Point
The Kissenger-A virtual kissing machine - The Kissenger
Apple has Mountain Lion coming on 26th July over 200 new features cost $20.99
Windows 8 coming on Oct 26th , a tablet and a desktop operating system , the biggest change that Windows users will see since we went from Windows 3.1 to Windows 95 , download $40 , DVD $70 
Office 15 coming early 2013 , will not work on Vista and Windows XP 
Tip Of The Week
If you drop your phone in the toilet or in water , remove anything from the phone that you can sim card , battery , then place it in a jar of rice for a few weeks .
It will draw the moisture out.

5AA Segment For 24th July

Discussion Points
  • The text message where people were threatened yesterday – stop believing all this , the false emails etc
  • Stay Smart On Line cost taxpayers over $1,000,000 but have lost 8000 names of subscribers 
Tech Euphemisms
Nybbles and Bytes
These are information storage units 
A nybble is 4 bits
1 byte is 8 bits
Male and Female Ports
A male port has pins, onto which a unit, which has holes, fits. A female port is more common, where there holes into which pins are inserted, like the video port, keyboard port or mouse port on the back of your PC
Packet Sniffing
Is where you can see or capture network traffic 
A dongle is a piece of hardware that attaches to a computer and allows a piece of secured software to run.
With the dongle can come your dongle attachment
A device used to control a video game 
Back Door
Is a means of access to a computer system that bypasses security mechanisms.
If you root your phone it allows you to gain privileged control ( root access ) running the android operating system , the apple equivalent is to jailbreak it 
Tip Of The Week
Microsoft Security Essentials – a free antivirus solution



Registry Cleaners & Driver Updaters Really Annoy Me

Lately I am seeing a resurgence of people using registry cleaners and driver updaters that promise the world but rarely deliver and in some instances can do some damage or if you have downloaded one from an ad , it can infect your computer with malware.

The ones to especially steer clear of are the ads on the internet that offer to scan your computer.

The windows registry is a database that windows and its software uses to store settings in.

If your computer is running that bad or slow that you think you may need a registry cleaner then you would be better off reinstalling your operating system.


iPad - iPhone Issues - What To Do

So you are having issues with your iPhone or iPad or both.

  • Apps not working or updating 
  • Syncing issues 
  • Feeling slow

Here are a few basic steps to go through.

  1. Make sure iTunes is updated
  2. Make sure your device (iPad or iPhone) is running the latest ios - you will see this when you sync with your computer or check in Settings - software update
  3. Conduct a hard reset on the device - keep fingers on power button and home button and leave them there till you see the Apple logo appear then let go - do not release them when you see the turn off symbol
  4. Reinstall the ios - this will wipe your device , reload your settings and apps , then reinstall your operating system (ios) on your device - this is done when you sync with your computer