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Power FM Spot For 11th July

On This Week In Technology

In 2009 a 15 year old girl fell into an open sewer while texting

CNET Article 

Discussion Point Of The Week


Too many people don't back up their most valuable documents and photos

If you don't have 3 copies of something you don't have a copy.

Use an external hard drive

Use an internet service - Dropbox , Google Docs - Online storage Link

Use DVD's ( buy brand name ) 

App Of The Week

The Dark Knight Rules App - Gotham City's Most Wanted

You too can look like Batman , Bane or Catwoman with this free app which will put a mask over your face from your iPhone and you can share on Facebook


5AA Segment For 10th July

Subject 1
The world didn’t come to an end yesterday with the DNS Malware Changer and people should be more concerned with the other malware they have on their computers.
People are still neglecting updating their computers which is the first line of defence against getting a virus
Subject 2
Backup – you don’t have a copy unless you have 3 copies 
Your computer
External media , hard drive , DVD , USB Flash Drive
Don’t lose your most precious memories.
Tip Of The Week
Have your iPhone camera LED flash when you have a message 
  1. Go to settings 
  2. General
  3. Accessibility
  4. Turn On LED flash for Alerts
  5. Make sure your camera flash is on 

DNS Changer Malware - Will You Be Able To Access The Internet On Monday

At 1.00pm this Monday July 9th you could find the internet will stop working for you.

When you are searching the internet and you are not ending up where you expected to , for example , you key a search in Google and end up at another strange search engine.

That means you may have infected with DNS Changer malware.

DNS name servers translate domain names into IP addresses

You will need to get this malware removed or the preferable thing is to format and reinstall the operating system.

How do you check if you have the DNS Malware , go to

How many computers will be infected:
Estimates place the number of PCs worldwide at between 1 billion and 2 billion.
That means the 250,000 or so still-infected computers represent fewer than 2-100ths of a percent (0.02 percent) of all PCs in the world.
Infected machines had their Domain Name System (DNS) settings altered so websites would redirect to servers controlled by the criminals.
international hackers ran an online advertising scam to take control of more than 570,000 infected computers around the world. 
The scammers reportedly earned millions in affiliate and referral fees by diverting users through those sites.
When the FBI went in to take down the hackers late last year, agents realised that if they turned off the malicious servers being used to control the computers, all the victims would lose their internet service.
The FBI brought in a private company to install two clean internet servers to take over for the malicious servers so that people would not suddenly lose their internet.
DNS Changer Malware will affect your PC and probably your router 
If your computer is infected with this malware this would increase your chances of being infected with other malware.
You need to remove this infection and have a CLEAN computer – there are lots of tools available however the best solution is to format the computer and reload the operating system.
Software solutions to fix this are available here:

You will also need to reset your router to the correct settings from your isp and the best way is to wipe the current settings and start fresh.



Be Careful What You Click When Installing Software

It is imperative that you read what you click on the computer , especially if you are installing software.

I recently had to reinstall Foxit Reader on a computer when the following screen was shown as part of the installation process.

Ask toolbar
The boxes were all ticked as you can see.

Well I did not want any of that and neither should you , so un-click all of them.

E bay
Then on the final screen was another E Bay install icon as part of the installation process.

If you are installing the Adobe Reader you will be asked if you want to install a McAfee add in.

Adobe , McAfee
Just remove the tick and proceed , as you do not need this as part of your installation of Adobe Reader

Just because the screens appear does not mean you have to accept the installation of the additional software and the problems that will come with installing these on your system , installing without these is the desirable outcome.

It's just like signing a contract , read the fine print before you commit because the consequences may come back to haunt you in the form of toolbars appearing.


Power FM Spot For 4th July

On This Week In Technology
In 1996 Hotmail was introduced 
Discussion Points
In Michigan they have "motion activated" urinal cakes which broadcast a message urging you "not to drink and drive , call a friend or a taxi to take you home."
If you are using Outlook Express for your email , let it go and move to something better
App Of The Week
Type a phrase into your phone and have Barack Obama repeat the phrase