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5AA Segment For 24th July

Discussion Points
  • The text message where people were threatened yesterday – stop believing all this , the false emails etc
  • Stay Smart On Line cost taxpayers over $1,000,000 but have lost 8000 names of subscribers 
Tech Euphemisms
Nybbles and Bytes
These are information storage units 
A nybble is 4 bits
1 byte is 8 bits
Male and Female Ports
A male port has pins, onto which a unit, which has holes, fits. A female port is more common, where there holes into which pins are inserted, like the video port, keyboard port or mouse port on the back of your PC
Packet Sniffing
Is where you can see or capture network traffic 
A dongle is a piece of hardware that attaches to a computer and allows a piece of secured software to run.
With the dongle can come your dongle attachment
A device used to control a video game 
Back Door
Is a means of access to a computer system that bypasses security mechanisms.
If you root your phone it allows you to gain privileged control ( root access ) running the android operating system , the apple equivalent is to jailbreak it 
Tip Of The Week
Microsoft Security Essentials – a free antivirus solution



5AA Segment For 10th July

Subject 1
The world didn’t come to an end yesterday with the DNS Malware Changer and people should be more concerned with the other malware they have on their computers.
People are still neglecting updating their computers which is the first line of defence against getting a virus
Subject 2
Backup – you don’t have a copy unless you have 3 copies 
Your computer
External media , hard drive , DVD , USB Flash Drive
Don’t lose your most precious memories.
Tip Of The Week
Have your iPhone camera LED flash when you have a message 
  1. Go to settings 
  2. General
  3. Accessibility
  4. Turn On LED flash for Alerts
  5. Make sure your camera flash is on 

5AA Segment For 3rd July

On todays segment we discussed " Google"
Here are the key points:
  • We all use Google for search but remember it is an advertising company
  • Your search is designed for you , dependent on your viewing habits from Google 
  • The ads that appear are based on your viewing and searching on Google
  • Google Chrome the internet browser is fast challenging as the most used internet browser and is a lot more user friendly to tech challenged people.
  • When in Google and your not sure what to type , ask a question “ How do I “ “Who is “
  • Use quotation marks in Google to refine your search “”
  • A Gmail account ( Google’s email solution ) can be your default email account and receive and send emails from your current email address
  • If you don’t have office software on your computer don’t worry , Google has a full office suite built in , they have a word processer , spreadsheet etc ( it’s free)
  • If you have never used Google maps to find an address you are missing out
  • Google own You Tube 
  • Google have operating systems on phones , tablets and computers ( Android ) just like Microsoft and Apple 

5AA Segment For 26th June 

News Of The Week
Google are discovering 9500 infected sites a day
Explanation Of The Week
What is malware ? What are virus’s ?
Viruses, worms, Trojans, and bots are all part of a class of software called malware. Malware or malicious code (malcode) is short for malicious software. It is code or software that is specifically designed to damage, disrupt, steal, or in general inflict some other “bad” or illegitimate action on data, hosts, or networks.
Discussion Point Of The Week
10 Steps To Safe Online Shopping 
Step 1
Understand what a safe shopping site is with the “green”padlock and https in the address bar Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS) provide encrypted communication
Use secure websites with lock icons and site seals.
The green display that you see at the top means that the site has an extended validation certificate which means that if your computer is safe it is safe to shop here.
Step 2
Be cautious when providing your personal details online, including credit card details 
Only give sites that you shop from the ” minimal ” information that is required to complete the transaction
Consider using payment intermediaries which can often be a safer alternative , Paypal
Check your credit card every couple of days for irregular transactions
Step 3
If you have any suspicions about the site you are using, don’t proceed with the payment - Google for information on the site
Step 4
Use strong passwords, at least 12 characters, including letters, numbers and symbols - and change it regularly
Step 5
If you have been infected with virus’s / malware and are not completely certain that the infections have been removed and or when you were infected you did not format your drive and reload your operating system then don't shop online.
Step 6
Next is have an anti-virus solution that is updated with the latest signature files.
This will reduce the chance of key logging software and or malicious code being run on your computer which sends your details over the internet.
Step 7
Do not click links in emails to go to shopping sites as this is one of the main ways to get infected and or transmit your personal information.
Never access internet banking from a link in an email 
Delete suspect emails
Step 8
Don't let your browser save your password when surfing the internet , as if you have an infected computer you will be transmitting your personal information.
Your computer saves this information then if you have been infected , the infection will go into your computer and find these passwords. Also if you use a laptop and it is stolen or someone else use’s it then all your passwords will go with your laptop.
Step 9
If you are shopping from a laptop or a computer that accesses a wireless network and have no wireless security or anything less than WPA2 (WEP,WPA) on your router then don’t ,as your computer and your information is at risk.
Step 10
Make sure your firewall is turned on
If this is not the case you can be transmitting your data to the internet. 
Finally remember
If you suspect any criminal activity, contact your financial institution 




5AA Segment For April 10th

I am always asked about what to do to protect children on the internet when using the home computer

The first with younger children is making sure the computer is in a clear line of site so that parents are able to see what their children are doing.

The next is the use of your router and sending your internet traffic through servers that are configured to your choices.

The service I recommend is Open DNS

Open DNS

Open DNS gives you the ability to block adult content , social media sites and video sharing sites

Open DNS is very easy to set up

  • Start an account 
  • Change one setting in your router

Then choose what you want to block / configure with open DNS