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So You Dropped Your Phone In The Toilet

One of the great accidents with electronics is the fact that occasionally you will have an accident with them and say , drop them into the toilet or other expanse of water , think washing machine.

So what do you do.

First remove from the phone everything you can , battery , plastic covers , memory card

Now dry the phone as best you can using towels , paper towels etc

Then use a vacuum cleaner on the phone to draw the moisture out of the phone , use of a hairdryer or the oven can damage the electrics

Then place it in a jar of rice

The rice will hopefully draw the moisture out of the phone

How long should you leave it in the jar of rice?

If you want it to have the best chance of recovery 2- 3 weeks

This also works on iPods , iPhones etc and gives you a reasonable chance of recovery because as we know electronics and water do not mix.