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Power FM Spot For 11th July

On This Week In Technology

In 2009 a 15 year old girl fell into an open sewer while texting

CNET Article 

Discussion Point Of The Week


Too many people don't back up their most valuable documents and photos

If you don't have 3 copies of something you don't have a copy.

Use an external hard drive

Use an internet service - Dropbox , Google Docs - Online storage Link

Use DVD's ( buy brand name ) 

App Of The Week

The Dark Knight Rules App - Gotham City's Most Wanted

You too can look like Batman , Bane or Catwoman with this free app which will put a mask over your face from your iPhone and you can share on Facebook


Power FM Spot For 18th April

On This Week In Tech
This week in 2009 Apple sold its 1 billionth app , this year Apple passed 25 billion 
What happens to our accounts ( Facebook , Twitter , Google ) when we die.
First you will need to provide the appropriate documentaion to the company. 
Twitter will provide a copy of all your public tweets and then close your account.
With Facebook, the account is “memorialized,” which stops people from logging into the account but will allow friends to continue commenting.
With both Twitter and Facebook no one can access any sensitive data or private messages.
Google and Microsoft , will give your heir full access to your Gmail, Hotmail, and Google+ account upon your death.
iTunes Tip
If you have more than one person in your house sharing your computer you should have a separate log in for each when it comes to iTunes.
This will stop music appearing in all accounts.
App Of The Week
Action Movie FX - free with additional effects costing 99c
Add spectacular special effects to scenes that you film on your iphone 
Add helicopter crashing , cars rolling , machine guns and missile attacks 

5AA Segment For Tuesday March 27th

Facebook Training / Social Media Training

If you are cold called by someone asking and then saying you should attend a Facebook training session , treat with great suspicion.

Reputable training organisations do not conduct themselves this way.

If you need training , ask for references from past clients.

Pick and choose carefully as not everyone that hangs out a sign saying " Social Media Expert " is indeed a social media expert.

Domain Names

It is your right to have access to your domain name and your website and to move it where you want to.

Domain names come with a key ( similar to a password ) that is required when you want to move from one provider to another. Make sure you have a copy of this.

This is sometimes needed for a better deal , more services etc.

I recently moved a businesses hosting and email and they went from $1116 a year to $160 a year 

Don't be held hostage by your website developer , business coach etc. It is your right to move to a better service and or a service that offers more value.

Improving Google Ranking

There are 3 ways to improve your Google ranking 

Number 1: Regular , relevant content that is updated , don't just leave a static webpage

Number 2:Good links with similar sites , their link on your website  and your link on their website , beware of link farms as they can get you removed from Google.

Number 3: A domain name that is registered for longer than a year.Google look at domains with 2 or more years registration.

Beware of SEO ( search engine optimisation) salespeople cold calling and emailing - they are the modern day equivalent of "snake oil salesman" & will do little to nothing for your website ranking.

Adobe Flash

Having trouble with on line videos ( You Tube etc ) in sight and or sound , make sure you are viewing them in Google Chrome or you have the up to date version of Adobe flash if using other browsers ( such as Internet Explorer )



Adelaide Techguy On Power FM

It is the anniversary of the release of the second digital camera that connected to a computer ( it was a kodak , that worked out well didn't it!!!)

Do not respond to Microsoft fake Calls / Skype fake calls telling you that you have a virus on your computer
If you receive a call trying to pressure you into attending a Facebook training course , dont do it.
The two things that will improve your Google ranking 
Software / App Of The Week
Take a photo of business cards  and it will read the text and enter the card into your address book.



Skype - Free & Paid Video & Audio Calls

Skype is a video & audio calling solution from your computer.

There are versions for Apple and Windows.

With Skype you can create an account and call other computer users who have a Skype account.

Paying for a Skype account allows you to call landlines and mobiles.

The use of a usb headphone microphone will improve the quality of the call.

My favorite is the Plantronics , and by using the USB mic you will notice a difference in quality.

For video try any of the Logitech video cameras.

Skype can also be connected to your Facebook account

Remember though , a good broadband connection works best and the quicker your connection and the person you are calling ,the better.