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Power FM Spot For 13th June 


On This Week In Technology

1997 , In Japan the Tamapittchi, a cellular phone with a Tamagotchi built into it, is released in Japan. We all remember the tamagotchi don't we?

Discussion Point

You don't have to use Internet Explorer to browse the internet , try Google Chrome , Firefox

Google Chrome is safer to use the internet with as it has Adobe Flash built in and pre scans webpages for vulnerabilities , such as virus / malware infection.

Firefox are known for the add ons to enhance your web browsing experience.

App Of The Week

Dream It , capture and record your dreams 


How To Clear Your Internet Browser History

 So you want to clear your internet browsing history.

There are a few different ways dependant on browser and or operating system.

First lets look at Windows
Go to Control panel.
Open Internet Options.
Make sure the General tab is selected
You will then see Browsing history
Click on Delete
You will then see this image
You will now see the options available to you , including " Temporary Internet Files"
Press delete when you have selected your options
In Chrome go to the options tab , (look for the spanner)
Click on " Under the hood "
You will see 'Clear browsing data" at the top of the page
In Firefox
Go to preferences , privacy
Then click on "clear your recent history"
You will then be given an option to delete your history
Finally the registry solution and here is the warning.
Before you make any changes to the registry , BACK IT UP
Incorrect changes to the registry can result in a non booting PC
To get to the Registry Click on "Start" and then "Run."
Input "regedit.exe" into the "Run" text box and hit "Enter" to open the registry editor.
Navigate to the following location: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\TypedURLs.
Click on each URL that you wish to delete and hit the "Delete" key to remove it.
Close the Registry Editor when you are done by clicking on the "X" (close) button located in the top right corner of the Registry Editor window.



Restore Firefox To A Pristine State

 Sometimes you may have issues with Firefox not responding as it should and that can usually be put down to an add on that may be incompatible.

There are a couple of ways that you can start Firefox with all add ons disabled.

At the top of the Firefox window go to the help button and select "Restart With Add Ons Disabled"

Firefox will then start in safe mode.

You can aslo start Firefox in safe mode by holding down the shift key when starting Firefox

Now when Firefox restarts you will see the following.
Clicking the Quit button will cancel your attempt to get into Firefox's Safe Mode.
Clicking the Continue In Safe Mode button starts Firefox in its Safe Mode.
While you are in Safe Mode, your extensions and themes will be disabled, and any toolbar customizations will be reverted back to their defaults.
These changes are not permanent - when you leave Safe Mode and start Firefox up normally, your extensions, themes, and settings will return to the state they were in before you entered Safe Mode.
The Make Changes and Restart button is only enabled if you select one of the boxes above it. 
Note: The following changes cannot be undone.
You can then elect to make the following changes:
Disable all add-ons: If you select this box and then click Make Changes and Restart then Firefox will start back up in its normal mode, except all your extensions, themes, and plugins will be disabled (not uninstalled).
Reset toolbars and controls: If you select this box and then click Make Changes and Restart then Firefox will start back up in its normal mode, except any toolbar customizations you have made will be lost, such as position of buttons and toolbars.
Delete all bookmarks except for backups: If you select this box and then click Make Changes and Restart then Firefox will delete your current bookmarks and replace them with the default set
Reset all user preferences to Firefox defaults: If you select this box and then click Make Changes and Restart then any changes you have made to Firefox's options will be set back to their default settings.
Restore default search engines: If you select this box and then click Make Changes and Restart then any of the default search engines you deleted will be restored. 
Exiting Safe Mode
At the top of the Firefox window, click on the Firefox button (File menu in Windows XP) and then click Exit.
Start Firefox as you normally would.  

What To Do When You Have Just Bought A New Computer


So you have just unpacked and turned on your new computer.

First follow the instructions on the computer screen until you get to the Windows Home Page.

Check the time and date on the computer

Run Windows update until they are done

Run PC Decrapifier to get rid of all the preinstalled software / trials and pre loaded security software such as Norton or McAfee that you will never use and that just slows down your computer

Install Microsoft Security Essentials if you don't want to pay for a antivirus solution or Nod32 if you want a paid version that runs quietly in the background doing an effective job.

Open Windows Explorer and turn off the hiding of file extensions and make hidden files visible.

Go to folder options

Folder options 
Then open view

View Options 
Remove the tick from " Hide extensions for known file types "

Click on the " Show hidden files, folders and drives "

Install an alternative browser , Firefox or Chrome

Then install the drivers for your peripherals , mouse , keyboard etc though with Windows 7 just plug them in and take the one's offered.

The printer drivers offered with Windows 7 are quiet good so again it is , plug and play.

You can then begin installing your software.  



Heat , Memory Hogs , Look At Flash

You know when you are surfing the web and you feel that your CPU is starting to accelerate , which causes heat and your memory usage starts to climb.

More than likely , Flash , is the cause.

When using Firefox you can install an add on Flashblock which will disable Flash on websites unless you click on the symbol to see that particular piece of Flash.

Flash 2
Flash also is a security risk when it is not kept up to date so make sure you check that your version of Flash is the most current.