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Mac Virus Or Windows Virus - What Would I Prefer

Let me start by saying that I run all the operating systems on my computers.

On my Apple computers I have Lion & Snow Leopard.

On my Windows computers I have:

  • Windows 7
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows XP

I do run anti- virus software on my Windows machines.

Some run Microsoft Security Essentials and Nod32 runs on my Windows 7 machine.

I keep all my machines updated as that is your first line of defence against getting malware / virus infection.

I manually check updates in Windows at least once a week as Automatic Updates can and do miss optional updates. This is especially true of Windows XP where the installation of optional updates triggers off critical updates.

I also install updates to software ( Adobe , Java ) from the correct sources and read the installation dialogue that comes with them ( Adobe Reader for example) so that I do not install some of the rubbish that can come with these ( such as the Ask toolbar).

I do not click links in emails or read rubbishy emails which have links designed to get an unpatched machine infected.

So last week the Flashback trojan for macs arose which resulted from a vulnerablity in java software and a fake java update being installed by unsuspecting computer users that should have known that you get updates for your Apple computer from the Software Update only , not from a pop up that appeared.

Was it easy to remove , compared to a Windows virus , yes.

Did it do much damage to the operating system after removal , no.

One of the reasons is the operating system on Apple computers keeps everything " compartmentalised" while Windows spreads parts of programs all over the operating system.

Hence Windows infections will always be harder to remove and the recommended fix for a badly infected Windows computer will always be to reformat and reinstall.There are plenty that will tell you differently but that should always be your first fix of choice. I currently do a 7 step virus removal for those that do not want the format and reinstall option.

You can expect to hear doom and gloom from all the antivirus vendors as Windows 8 will have built in ( Microsoft Security Essentials) protection , you will not need to buy or download software so this will obviously affect their bottom line and they will be looking for new sources of revenue such as smartphones and Apple computers.

Antivirus software for Apple computers rarely gets updated so at the moment is a bit of a waste.

Remember antivirus software will not save you from infection , it is only there to tell you that you have a virus and it will have a go at removing it and the damage it has caused.

After all this i would take the Mac Virus over a Windows Virus , but would prefer no virus at all.


The Flashback Malware Infection - Updated

The reported Flashback infection / virus for Macs is another example of knowing what you should install on your computer and being familiar with legitimate downloads for your computer.
Looking at the image above you should know NOT to install this as this is not what appears on your Apple computer for updates.
Another point to remember is that no antivirus software for macs would have stopped this as they are not updated.
There are security updates available from Apple through software update to patch this vulnerability.
The easiest way to find out if you have been infected is to run the tool from Github.
Then hopefully you will get an image like this after running it.
Apple have now released their own patch which will remove the Flashback Trojan
Here are some additional links to help you.

What Is Java & Do I Have To Update It?

Java is a programming language that is used to run , programs , games , business applications and other internet applications.

Java updates improve performance and security of their associated applications so yes you should keep them updated.

For more details on Java please see this link on the Java website

What Is Java?

So yes you should keep Java up to date through the appropriate links.

Windows will do this through the Java updater and Apple computers will do through their official software update.

It should be kept up to date as if not it can be a security vulnerablity as in the Mac Flashback Trojan.


Power FM Spot For 11 April

On This Week In Tech

This week in 2007 Apple sold its 100 milionth iPod , sales to date are around 321 million

Flashback Malware 

Apple computers have been caught out by the Flashback Malware infection woith about 500,000 computers worldwide being infected.

More details and how to check if you have the virus and how to remove it can be found here

Adelaide Techguy On The Flashback Infection

Internet Browsers

Try Google Chrome

Google Chrome does a pre-scan of webpages  for virus infection which makes it safer to surf the internet.

Google Chrome comes with built in adobe flash for watching you tube etc 

Web pages currently load faster than Internet Explorer

App Of The Week - Draw Free

Draw Free for iPad is an app to draw sketch and doodle drawings. 

Share your drawings on Facebook / Twitter or play against other people 

Have them guess what you have drawn or you receive subjects to try and draw